The book

I have regularly published photos and shared experiences of my travels – which are always well received by my fans and colleagues from the music industry. They ask about the regions I have been to and they want to know details about the local cuisine, and learn some interesting recipe from me. I have cooked many recipes for hundreds of visitors – their enthusiastic responses led me to the idea of ​​writing down these recipes in one book and supplementing it with a short description of a specific experience connected with the places where I found them.

In the spring of 2020, when the whole world stopped for a while, I had the space to make this idea a reality. I jumped in with both feet, threw everything I had at my new project and was looking forward to having it ready in a matter of months. But I couldn’t have been more wrong if I had tried!! 🙂 I never realized how much time it would consume and now I know it’s a seriously long process. I decided to write the book by myself – despite the fact I was offered help through an external editor who would write the whole book for me. They say it’s often done this way, but it wasn’t for me.

Writing recipes is essential for me, it takes up most of my time. I think about it almost like an engineer:) Street food is a reflection of several generations of family recipes which have been brought to perfection over many decades. I fully understand those tiny nuances and I want to present them to you so that you can understand how to cook the same way – so that your food tastes excellent! This is why when I write I have to think about young people who have never cooked before, but are tempted to try. I have to think about people who love Asian food but have never been to Asia, or those of you who know Asia and consider it to be their home and know exactly what it is about. I also have to think about the old grandmother who saw it on TV and would like to try to cook it. There are several groups of people that I think about and I have to speak to them in one language which everyone can understand. And that is the alpha and omega of my entire book.

So my dear fans and you who may not know me yet, please hang in there. Street Food has existed for hundreds of years. I feel that if I want to do it properly, I need enough time, desire and the energy to do it, so that it does not become a kind of obligation and the love I give to this project is not lost. And not just me – there are 10 amazing people. A team of people who help me with the project and without whom I wouldn’t be able to move forward. A Photographer, graphic designer, editor, business development manager, marketing consultant, PR worker, social network manager, video content producer for social networks, assistant, post-production studio for TV section. Without them, the future of the project would not make much sense to me.

Photos from the forthcoming book