All the cooking knowledge I have inside me reflects my passion for food. I’ve had it in me since birth. When I shoot videos or write a book, I often hear from people in our team that it must be short and dynamic, otherwise no one will be able to watch it for a long time, or to read a recipe on two pages – because it is not done that way usually. But how for God`s sake are you supposed to learn to understand a specific recipe and its necessary seasoning if you don’t know the little things and steps to make the winning piece? In short, those who want their food to really taste good have to immerse themselves in it for a while. These videos of mine will hopefully help you with that. I will be happy if you send me a photo of your dish or a video of “my“ recipes by email or in messages on my social networks. I’ll look at it, comment and maybe we’ll figure it out a little better together:)

Video tutorials