Cooking School / Private Chef

Do you want to have an unusual gourmet experience with your own personal chef? A chef who will prepare a six-course menu for lunch or dinner, which will be a cross-section of the traditional cuisine of many regions of Southeast Asia. Or how about a crash course in cooking that will heat up your culinary skills?

Book / Social networks

Do you have a goal, product or service that resonates with me? Do you want to be part of my book or social media videos?


I write in collaboration with the lifestyle magazine Playboy, for which I prepare a travel section from East and Southeast Asia with many interesting travel insights and tips.

Festivals, events, company stores

From the age of 14 I have stood on the stages of music festivals, club events and other cultural events where I spoke, played and entertained people. I would be happy to give a lecture focused on the culture and philosophy of Asian cuisine at your event and you also have the opportunity to have me cook there, so you can taste some delicious Asian street food.

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