I am known as DJ Džejár among the fans of electronic dance music.

Since the mid-1990s, I have been dedicated to DJing and the production of music and the organisation of cultural festivals. I am the owner and director of the event agency

In addition to music, I love travelling, cooking, discovering foreign food and its local flavours and combining traditional recipes with new elements. I also love Asia and everything connected with it – it is closest to my heart. In general, Eastern philosophy changed my life and made me understand and discover completely different attitudes than the ones I had been programmed with since my childhood.

Eastern promises will offer you an experience from my travels in Asia (since 2008), where I have regularly discovered the secrets of the East, food culture, local cuisine, street food, a spiritual view of the world and individuals. I discovered a completely unknown, but wonderful world for myself and I’m excited to share it with you.

Petr Dzingel


I invite you into my home where I will teach you how to cook original Asian dishes in your home kitchen cheaply, quickly, and with a delicious authentic taste.

Whenever I’m on my travels in East and Southeast Asia, I seek out local restaurants, markets, and street stalls. When I taste new dishes and they amaze me I first try to imagine how I can recreate this recipe at home in my kitchen with the necessary ingredients available to me in Czechia. After spending several minutes in my own thoughts, I go into the restaurant kitchen and cajole them into telling me the actual recipe, which I then cook with them – sometimes we cook the dish several times. Thanks to this process, I completely understand the food and I am able to recreate the original taste exactly as it should be.

99% of all the recipes I share with you have been cooked with local grandmothers and mothers, who have spent their lives cooking and taking care of their families. Their life stories are therefore, reflected in the given dish – and that is street food for me.


I have regularly published photos and shared experiences of my travels – which are always well received by my fans and colleagues from the music industry. They ask about the regions I have been to and they want to know details about the local cuisine, and learn some interesting recipe from me. I have cooked many recipes for hundreds of visitors – their enthusiastic responses led me to the idea of ​​writing down these recipes in one book and supplementing it with a short description of a specific experience connected with the places where I found them.

In the spring of 2020, when the whole world stopped for a while, I had the space to make this idea a reality. I jumped in with both feet, threw everything I had at my new project and was looking forward to having it ready in a matter of months. But I couldn’t have been more wrong if I had tried!! 🙂 I never realized how much time it would consume and now I know it’s a seriously long process. I decided to write the book by myself – despite the fact I was offered help through an external editor who would write the whole book for me. They say it’s often done this way, but it wasn’t for me.